Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama

While they’re still on their well-deserved vacation, one wonders what the former POTUS Barack Obama and the former First Lady Michelle Obama must be planning for the future. No doubt there are books to write about their White House experiences, speeches to give, running their Obama Foundation (which will no doubt be scandal free unlike some other ex-Presidential foundations), and overseeing the building of the Obama Presidential Library in Jackson Park, on the South Side of Chicago for starters.

But in the meantime, while they’re making plans, Michelle Obama is turning her attention to television, specifically reality TV. But which show? Has to be something fitting with her image and what she represents. Not “Dancing with the Stars,” although you know the producers must by salivating at the idea of having her in the show. How about “The Celebrity Apprentice”? Why not? Look at how well that worked for someone we won’t mention here. “Love and Hip Hop”? Nope, that’s not going to happen… ever.

The L.A Times yesterday reported that Ms. Obama will actually be making her first reality show appearance as a guest judge on this season of Fox’s cooking show “MasterChef Junior” which made its fifth season premiere on the network last Thursday.

The former First Lady will be in rotation, along with three other guest judges, including Martha Stewart and the Muppets, filling in the third spot of judges after regular previous guest judge Graham Elliott departed the show this season.

By the way, Ms. Obama’s appearances were actually taped late last year when she still was officially The First Lady.

The show, which is spin-off of Gordan Ramsey’s highly popular reality cooking show “MasterChef”, is different in that kids instead of adults are the participants; but also that the focus is more on uplift and inspiring the young chefs. As Ramsey says: “It does not make drama from rivalry, spite… or entitlement. Rather, the kids are mutually supportive and mature; you won’t hear any of them say, ‘I came to win,’ or excuse some cutthroat move with ‘This is a competition’.”

Or, in other words, “MasterChef Junior” sounds like the perfect TV show for Michelle Obama to be involved in. Whether this will lead to other appearances by the former first lady on other TV shows, reality or not, is left to be seen.