Netflix has renewed wrestling dramedy GLOW for a third season.

The show, which features performances from Sydelle Noel and Kia Stevens as Cherry Bang and Tammé Dawson/Welfare Queen respectively, has gotten renewed at lightning speed.

The official Twitter page for GLOW released a celebratory video about the new greenlight.

The Emmy-nominated show has once again found awards love with a new batch of Emmy nominations and allegedly this is what is keeping Netflix interested. “Industry sources claim that the series is not among Netflix’s most watched,” wrote Variety, “but is valued by the streaming service for its creative execution and status as an awards contender.”

It’s unclear exactly how many people stream GLOW since unlike standard television and cable networks, Netflix does not release viewership information. But unlike regular TV, Netflix doesn’t have to play by viewership rules as much, allowing them to invest in shows that might have a niche audience but are raking in accolades. GLOW as an awards contender also plays to Netflix’s long-term game of being taken seriously as a media creation hub and distributor.

The current season of GLOW is streaming now.