Game of Thrones fans are probably still getting over Missandei’s tragic death in the final season of the HBO juggernaut. The moment turned many fans into sworn enemies of the series. But Nathalie Emmanuel, who played the character, has a different point of view about her character’s death and fans’ level of upset.

“Listen, I think it’s totally fine if you don’t like something. That’s perfectly acceptable,” she said to TVLine. “You can’t ask for receipts on art. You just can’t. The art has been created for you, and you can either choose to like it or not.”

Emmanuel was referring to some of the more diehard fans creating a petition demanding that HBO remake the final season. She said that she was “blown away” by the series’ ending, especially with how hard of an undertaking it was.

“I don’t think people quite realize the undertaking and the amount of manpower it took to do that,” she said.

Earlier in the interview, Emmanuel commented on how she viewed Missandei’s final moments. For her, it was a moment of seeing Missandei as a boss.

“I was very grateful for the strength that she had when she left. That was a performance choice for me,” she said. “I was like, ‘She’s not going to be crying. She’s not going to be stereotypically scared. She’s scared, but she owns it…This woman has survived slavery. She knew that she might go to war and die. And she’s owning it like a bada[**] b[****]. And I felt like that’s what I did. I was very proud of it.”

Will Emmanuel’s words about her character’s ending quell angry fans? We’ll see. But one thing is for sure; the anger people have for Game of Thrones showcases their love for Missandei and how much she means to them.


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