Amazon has dropped the full-length trailer for season 2 of Homecoming. Janelle Monáe is the series lead for Season 2, taking over for Julia Roberts. Season 1 stars Stephan James and Hong Chau also return, as well as new characters portrayed by Chris Cooper and Joan Cusack.

With the new trailer also comes a new official description: The critically-acclaimed series Homecoming returns for its second season with a fresh new mystery and an exciting new star, Janelle Monáe.  Her character wakes in a rowboat adrift a lake, with no memory of how she got there — or even who she is. Her ensuing search for identity will lead her into the heart of the Geist Group, the unconventional wellness company behind the Homecoming Initiative. The second season finds Stephan James reprising his role as Walter Cruz, who is trying to build a new life following the traumas of war and the Homecoming Initiative, when he begins to realize that there’s an even more insidious version of the program underway – if only he can remember. Hong Chau returns as Audrey Temple, an anonymous underling at Geist who finds herself thrust into unexpected positions at the top of the corporate ladder. Chris Cooper is Leonard Geist, the company’s eccentric founder and Joan Cusack is Francine Bunda, an equally eccentric military woman.

Of the season, Monáe told Entertainment Weekly, “It’s doing something that is unique in the television space. When I read these episodes, I was like, ‘Oh wow, this is still going to have a very special quality and take everyone in an unexpected place.’ It’s even more elevated this season — and even more suspenseful. Nothing is what it appears to be.”

On Walter’s return, James said, “We’re seeing a dogged, more determined Walter. His time away from the facility left a lot of room for thinking about what it is he’s gone through. And it’s interesting to see how [he and Jackie] use each other, need each other, and bring something out in each other.”

The half-hour drama is from Mr. Robot creator Sam Esmail, with Anonymous Content and Universal Cable Productions as producers.

Watch the trailer below:


‘Homecoming’ Season 2 Teaser: Janelle Monáe Leads Amazon Thriller With Stephan James


Photo: Amazon

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