It’s been a long time coming for a reunion between former BFF’s and co-hosts of The Real, Tamar Braxton and Tamera Mowry-Housley. Braxton famously ousted all four of her former co-hosts of The Real amid her 2016 firing from the show. The “Love & War” singer believed that some or all were aware of her impending termination and for the next few years spoke about them and how they were against her.

She unfollowed all from Instagram before making amends with Adrienne Bailon-Houghton last year. Recently, Bailon-Houghton shared a video to her social media of her reconnecting with Mowry-Housley for the first time since quarantine began. Braxton took the time to note under the comment section how much she missed Mowry-Housley. 

Braxton dropped several emojis under Bailon-Houghton’s page, including a broken-hearted emoji, a sad face, and another heart emoji. Mowry-Housley wrote back, “Hi Tay Tay!!!!,” she began. “I miss youuuuu.” Braxton responded, “I miss you too…& so much!” The moment went viral, marking the first public olive branch at least from Braxton’s side.

The Braxton Family Values star told Entertainment Tonight’s Brice Sander, “For a while, Tamera and I relationship has been so strained, we even stopped following each other on social media,” she said. “And when I tell you it was really a moment that I captured of the two of them and it just really reminded me of old times, that was so beautiful and so magical. And I remember I used to be a part of that. And to be honest, I miss those girls.”

She continued, “They were like my sisters. And so when I saw that moment, I just reacted out of what I saw and it really did help rekindle Tamera and my relationship. I’m really so happy that I got a chance to talk to her and text with her and catch up with her, and I’m just so grateful that time heals all wounds. And we have a chance to really grow up and stay under construction and elevate to the next level of our lives.”

Braxton says she’s open to reconoling with all of the hosts and even having a public reunion, either on her show or on her Under Construction podcast.