On the eve of the fourth anniversary of the death of Eric Garner, the Black TV and Film Collective (BTFC) is exploring police brutality through the prism of art with its new short film Trayvia. The 9-minute short, written and directed by BTFC member Tonya McCornell, operates on a simple premise with layers of complexity: a black woman who takes justice into her hands after the American justice system fails her family.

A searing meditation of retribution and recompense, Trayvia follows Trayvia Marshall, portrayed by Claudia McCoy, who seeks revenge for her brother’s murder by seeking Mann Scott, the police officer who was responsible and subsequently acquitted.  She tracks Scott’s every move, to the point where she monitors the days and times he leaves work and the gym. Trayvia’s pursuit of her brother’s killer culminates to the point where she kidnaps and tortures Scott.

Trayvia was produced by Ismyrne Geffrard, with contributing work by editor Stacey Peterson, colorist Anthony Williams, Joanes Prosper, Huriyyah Muhammad, Bella Brown and Ron Duro.

Trayvia also stars Josh Paled and Latasha Kennedy. Watch McCornell’s compelling short film below.