The official trailer for the final season of Insecure has dropped, and it’s clear that Issa (Issa Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji) are in a reevaluation phase of their lives.

According to HBO:

“The series continues to follow our favorite characters as they evaluate their relationships, both new and old, in an effort to figure out who and what comes with them in this next phase of their lives.”

Jay Ellis teased in August that the upcoming season will focus on where Issa and Lawrence’s relationship goes after the revelation of Lawrence about to become a father.

“It’s a journey,” he said to Bevy Smith. “You know, it’s a shocker because we just fell back in love, and we saw why, and we saw magic, and we saw that they’re soulmates. So you know, it’s a journey and we get to roll that out. That’s a real story that has happened to people that we know. So we get to roll that out and play with what that means. Like, is Issa gonna be a stepmom? Is she not down with it? Is Lawrence gonna be involved? Is he not gonna be involved? What does involvement look like?”

The teaser trailer dropped earlier this month, giving viewers a taste of the amount of reflection Issa will do regarding her relationships.

The final season will premiere on HBO Max Oct. 24.