With Insecure, multihyphenate Issa Rae has given the professional  Black woman an opportunity to vent and explore the weird transition from our youthful mistakes in our twenties to the shock of our thirties. For four seasons, we’ve explored the growth of young women at all levels. It appears this good thing is truly coming to an end.

After this final season, fans of the show are hoping this season will not be the show’s last.

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rae spoke of her struggles during the pandemic. “It’s a struggle. It was and still is a struggle. I feel so thankful that we’re able to work and we’re actually able to shoot this season because we had a lot of false starts. We were supposed to be shooting way back in September and that just didn’t happen. And obviously in L.A. as you know, we’ve been the epicenter and so even just coming out of that was a challenge.”

“But when people ask if shooting the season is bittersweet, I say it’s mostly sweet and the only bitter part is the fact that COVID is in place because it just doesn’t allow us to fully immerse ourselves in the experience and each other and you know, properly saying goodbye,” she continued. “And it sucks to go out like that during this, but things feel a little more optimistic. You know, I’m almost fully vaccinated, I’m hyped!”

Rae expressed her disappointment in not being able to fully immerse in the show due to the pandemic, but admitted that she was “satisfied” with the way the fifth season will end.

“I’m currently satisfied so I hope that other people will be,” she added. “We will not be able to please everybody, but I’m happy.”

On the show’s future and the possibility of a spinoff, Rae gave a little bit of hope stating, “there’s a chance for everything.”

Insecure‘s final season doesn’t have a premiere date yet but it should be expected to drop later this year.