“Rain” – Maya Glick

Almost exactly 2 years ago, we featured a Kickstarter campaign for Maya Glick’s Storm fan film, in which she stars as the superhero.

Maya has just informed me that the film is finally done, and will be released online next week Monday, May 16th, via the project’s Facebook page. Along with that, she debuted a promo poster for the film, which you can see embedded above.

Maya wrote, executive produced and stars in “Rain” as the film is titled, which is obviously inspired by the beloved, albeit under-appreciated (especially in cinema) super-mutant known as Storm – a character that’s been played most recently by Halle Berry and now Alexandra Shipp in the latest film.

“Rain” is labor of love for the artist, made entirely independently on a micro-budget (for a sci-fi short), considering the amount of visual FX that would need to be employed in this case, while still maintaining high production values.  Hence the 2 years it’s taken to get it made. Welcome to indie filmmaking 101.

So for all you “Storm-watchers” who have been eagerly waiting to see the completed project (some of you have emailed me over the last year asking for its status), you will be rewarded in a few days.

*Like* the project on its Facebook page here.