It’s no secret that Jackée Harry is Hollywood royalty!

From her iconic role as Sandra Clark in 227 to her role as everyone’s favorite mother as Lisa Landry in Sister, Sister, Harry is no stranger to the television screen and the legendary actress is quite the character on Twitter. When she isn’t making us all laugh with her commentary on the social media platform, she remains booked and busy bringing characters that we love to life across the television screen.

Now, Harry returns as Principal Simpson in Lifetime’s The Wrong Cheer Captain, where she stars opposite Vivica A. Fox in a murder mystery that’ll keep fans on the edge of their seats as they try to figure out how a sport set to be filled with fun and high spirits, turns deadly.

For the Days Of Our Lives actress, joining the film was a no-brainer. Her relationship with the cast and crew, coupled with the film’s relevancy for what it means to grow up as a teen in the age of social media meant that Harry was all-in.

“This is a series they’ve been doing for a while now and I did it because I work with Vivica A. Fox and the director, David DeCoteau a lot which provides a very comfortable environment,” said Harry during a recent interview with Shadow and Act. “Also, these stories about young people and what’s happening nowadays with bullying and envy have always been around, but this film is the perfect example of how social media can take things to a whole different level.”

As Principal Simpson, the award-winning actress returned to her roots as an educator. Before she became an award-winning actress, Harry’s most challenging role was working as a teacher where she taught all boys.

“I didn’t necessarily have to work to tap into the role, because I was a teacher and I didn’t take any mess so with a role focused on being a disciplinarian, it brought back memories” she continued. ” I was pretty tough being that I taught all boys but I loved it, and I still love teaching, I may even go back to it in some form, maybe I’ll teach acting someday.”

Despite dealing with cheerleaders in the film, Harry never had the desire to take up the sport in school.

“My sister was a cheerleader and she loved it and was great at it, but I didn’t want to be a cheerleader, it wasn’t for me,” she shared. “But, I did see what it could do for your social life. [laughs]”

Although Harry appears to be quite the social butterfly, it took quite some time for her to break out of her shell. She reveals that following her training in the field, it still took her about five years to gather the courage to stand before an audience. Thankfully, she conquered it, because Harry remains a staple in the industry, and while she’s known for her roles in comedy, she has a soft spot for the dramatic stuff too — she even has dreams of writing her own book someday.

The Women Of Brewster Place just might be the project that I treasure in terms of the work that I put in and the results of that,” said Harry in reference to her most memorable role. “I like the dramatic stuff I’ve done, but the comedy is what keeps me going so I’m not gonna put it down at all. I also have to write a book, that’s on my bucket list.”

Watch Jackée Harry as Principal Simpson in the all-new Lifetime film, The Wrong Cheer Captain on Sunday (August 29) at 8 p.m. ET.