The retooled DCU slate under James Gunn and Peter Safran has been announced, and Amanda Waller is a big part of it.

Te new DC live-action universe will feature both films and television, presumably with extensively more unified connective tissue than the previous DC films, which felt hodge-podged together under the same DC umbrella.

The mysterious and calculating Amanda Waller, the Suicide Squad character played by Viola Davis, will get her own series as a spinoff to HBO Max’s Peacemaker, which Gunn already oversees. The series, Waller, will follow Davis’ character as she leads her questionable shadow organization within the U.S. government. Watchmen writer Christal Henry and Doom Patrol TV series creator Jeremy Carver will write the series. The series was already announced last year, but has come into clarity under Gunn and Safran’s leadership.

Other projects include Paradise Lost, a series described as a “Game of Thrones-style drama” set in the mythical island of Themyscira, known to comic book fans as the home of Wonder Woman. The series will take place before Wonder Woman, however, and will focus instead on the political drama of the island.

The Batman sequel, starring Robert Pattinson is also in the works, with a release date of Oct. 3, 2025, with a Superman film, Superman: Legacy, coming earlier in the year, July 11, 2025. Gunn is writing Superman: Legacy; it is also possible he might direct the film as well.

More projects to expect include Lanterns, relating the exploits of the Green Lantern Corp., particularly its two most prominent members Hal Jordan and John Stewart, The Authority, a film based on Wildstorm comic book characters who save the planet, father-son drama The Brave and the Bold, focusing on Batman’s relationship with his biological son, Damian Wayne, HBO Max series Booster Gold, based on the character of the same name who pretends to be a hero using futuristic technology, and the film Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, which promises to show us a very different Supergirl than previous iterations.

Currently in production is Creature Commandos, an animated series written by Gunn focusing on “a team of classic monsters assembled to fight Nazis.” It’s reported that the actors being scouted for the series will also play the characters in live-action films as well.