The cat’s out the bag!

If you peeped Sunday night’s Insecure, the supposed facts were wrong! Jay Ellis’s Lawrence is actually in Season 3 of the show.

Ellis spoke to Entertainment Weekly about how Issa Rae was misquoted in original interviews about how the character would be presented in Season 3.

“I think Issa was misquoted, and I think it’s actually very unfair that she was misquoted I think what Issa actually said was, ‘We’re taking a break from Lawrence.’ A break doesn’t mean a season,” he said. “A break could mean an episode, it could mean 30 minutes, it could mean a year. She didn’t actually put a time limit on what the break was. I think that because she said we’re taking a break from Lawrence this season, people ran with what they thought that break was and therefore they thought that break was for the entire season, and that wasn’t the case. I think she actually chose her words very correctly, and I think people just kind of took it and ran with it in another way.”

On promo for the show, he explained, “There was always a question of, should I go out and do any of the marketing and all the promo we do for the show? For me, the answer was always no. My whole idea was if you really want people to believe Lawrence is gone, then he has to be gone and he can’t be a part of the early press, or he can’t be a part of the early promo.”

Ellis continued, “Also, I think it really goes back to, more importantly, what’s true to the writing. What happens in life when you break up with somebody? You don’t always see your exes again. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t. Our writers took the stance of, these two aren’t going to see each other for a while, and they’re going to randomly bump into each other. For me as an actor to live (it), and I also think for an audience to believe it, I think that person has to kind of disappear. Whether we’re characters or whether we’re fans, or actors, we’re all kind of taken aback when we then bump into that person somewhere down the line.

And of course, he had to shoutout #LawrenceHive. “A friend of mine sent me the petition. He was like, ‘Have you seen this?’ He’s a few hours ahead of me. I opened it up first thing in the morning, and I literally just started laughing. All I could do is laugh because it’s such a cool feeling and such an amazing feeling to get to play a character that people identify with and relate to and root for and feel so strongly about.”

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