Black Twitter has a tendency to make even the zaniest of videos go viral. Very recently, comedian Jay Nedaj released a set of videos parodying Black films on his Twitter page that have everyone cackling. The videos have drawn the attention of actresses Tika Sumpter and Yvette Nicole Brown, as well as The Real talk show host Loni Love.

In one video, “Low Budget Black Films Be Like,” Nedaj plays a variety of characters, such as a mother, a daughter, a son and his pregnant girlfriend. Before long, the comedy ensues when Nedaj introduces the fifth character into the fold: a jilted girlfriend who informs the family that the “son” character gave her chlamydia, sending the “pregnant girlfriend” running off in tears.

In another video, which parodies “Black Lifetime Movies,” Nedaj recreates a scenario in which a woman learns that her boyfriend has cheated on her and gotten another girl pregnant. In dramatic fashion, the woman shoots the man.

Another video, a parody of “BET Original Movies,” sees Nedaj recreate a scenario in which a mother asks her daughter to allow her sibling to stay at her apartment. Eventually, the mother learns that the daughter is a prostitute and an emotionally charged argument ensues between the two.



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Photo: Jay Nedaj

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