Could John Boyega be suiting up for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)? —

If the actor’s recent comments are anything to go by, he very well could be!

Over the weekend at Awesome Con, Boyega addressed the push by fans, campaigning for him to be the next Blade.

But as for that character, he said it would be a “spit in the face of Wesley (Snipes) if I took Blade,” saying he was “all for Wesley (Snipes) playing Blade.”

He did say, however, according to Bounding Into Comics, that “he’s had meetings with Marvel about potentially taking on a Marvel superhero. But he was adamant this would be way down the line and most likely wouldn’t be happening in the near future.”

So, let’s start speculating! Who could he portray? Maybe a Black Panther villain? Since this is so far down the line, could he play one of the X-Men/mutant characters when they are integrated into the MCU?

In a future Black Panther film, he could play White Tiger, specifically the incarnation of the character by Kasper Cole, an adversary of Black Panther who worked with Erik Killmonger.

In the case that Steve Rogers’ (Chris Evans) Captain America dies soon, Boyega could be Isaiah Bradley, another incarnation of Cap.

For the X-Men/mutants, he could play new version Bishop, a mutant that that can absorb energy, first portrayed in a live-action film or series by Omar Sy in 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.

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