UPDATE: Jordan Peele’s Monkey Paw is no longer accepting film and TV submissions.

From December 2018: 

Think you’ve got the next Get Out or Us? If so, polish up that script because Jordan Peele wants to see it.

Created in 2012 by Peele, Monkeypaw Productions is ready to expand its repertoire of films and TV and is now accepting open submissions via the company’s website. According to the official submissions page, Monkeypaw is taking scripts for both features and TV pilots. This is appropriate since Peele is now firmly in both the film world with the films mentioned above and TV world with his upcoming Twilight Zone reboot.

There’s not much else on the submissions page except for a healthy amount of legalese that protects Monkeypaw and Sunken Place Studios from IP lawsuits. The page represents an opportunity for everyone, regardless of background and Hollywood connections (or lack thereof) to participate in creating an entertainment industry that’s open and welcoming to all. For many creatives, this is a considerable chance to achieve their dreams and become that significant screenwriting presence they’ve always wanted to be.

It’s also highly important to note there’s no ending date listed for this submissions process. Potentially, this means Monkeypaw is accepting film and TV scripts at any time. We’ll see how long this policy will last, but if it’s going to be an ongoing part of the company, this could be an even more significant gamechanger than we could have anticipated.


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