There’s one name that is unanimously synonymous with the Love & Hip Hop brand: Joseline Hernandez aka The Puerto Rican Princess. She burst onto the scene with her feisty, unfiltered and unapologetic demeanor. 

She fought hard for respect amongst her co-stars, and apparently also producers, to show her authentic self. Like many of the show’s alumni, Hernandez has spoken out against the show, particularly the executive producer, Mona Scott Young, for unfair editing and orchestrated drama behind the scenes. After years of frustration, she quit the show and now is in season 2 of her own venture, Joseline’s Cabaret. 

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Despite her opinion of Scott Young, Hernandez says she’s grateful for her initial platform and the overall experience, as she says it taught her how the business works.

“It allowed me to learn how to do reality TV, it allowed me to [learn] how to executive produce, how to ask for ownership, how to keep my IP – which is my intellectual property,” she told Shadow and Act in a recent sit-down interview, . “Now that I have my own show, it’s so easy for me to produce, to play in [the show], to direct it.”

As for the biggest lesson learned, Hernandez says she’ll never be part of another show that she’s not a producer on. The Zeus Network streaming service, which houses Joseline’s Cabaret, gave her the ownership she was looking for.

Hernandez has taken the skills learned from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and applied them to her own show. Joseline’s Cabaret provides an inside look into the everyday lives of strippers and sex workers who compete to be part of Hernandez’s live cabaret show. The first season filmed in Miami and the upcoming sophomore season is in Atlanta.

For Hernandez, the concept makes sense for several reasons, including the fact that she too worked as an exotic dancer and can relate to the girls on her show who are looking for a positive way out. 

“They know that I come from the same world,” she said of how the cast can relate to her. “My mind always wanted to do something different…I always tell my ladies when they come to me that if you really want to change your life – if you really want to get out of the streets get out of the ghetto, get out of the strip club. If you want to be bigger than what you are, all you have to do is put it in your mind. You can do it, but you have to work really hard.”

Through all the growth, Hernandez says she’s now confident in who she is, owning every part of her. She says that she’s learned to accept the public mistakes she’s made along the way. Hernandez is honest about looking back and cringing at many of her notable moments.

“I regret everything,” she admits, noting that when she is reminded of certain behaviors or statements, she’s embarrassed. “More recently, I’ve stopped regretting. Now it’s like I’m grown, I said it, it is what it is, if you don’t like it I can’t help you and then I keep it pushing. It’s life…we live and learn and we just have to grow from it.”

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For many of Hernandez’s fans, she’s the underdog who has risen above circumstances that many would have continued to succumb to. She’s happily in love with her fiance Ballistic and is the mother to a four-year-old daughter, Bonnie Bella. Everything is coming together for Hernandez, personally and professionally. She promises more of her personal story will be on display in the new season of her show.

Check out the full interview where Hernandez gushes over her love life, talks about her musical endeavors, previews the full “double homicide” scene and more:

Joseline’s Cabaret will be available for streaming Sunday, April 18 on Zeus Network at 5 p.m. PST / 8 p.m. EST.