Dave Chappelle is a comedy god to most of his peers, including Saturday Night Live star, Kenan Thompson. Chappelle hosted the late-night night sketch comedy series last weekend and Thompson was super excited. Ahead of Chappelle’s appearance, Thompson spoke with Jimmy Fallon about the opportunity to work with his comedy idol.

“I know the show on Saturday is gonna be powerful,” Thompson said of the upcoming episode. “He complimented us yesterday. He made an insane speech, you know, before the table read. Did the same thing years ago. The guy is such a prolific speaker, and he speaks from the heart, and a brilliant mind. And it’s such a pleasure to be around.”

The compliments didn’t stop at just the cast as a whole, Chappelle also spoke one-on-one with Thompson which proved to be an emotional moment for the former Kenan & Kel star. 

“Yesterday [he] told me I was good at my job, and I almost cried, you know what I’m saying?” Thompson said. “The dude is…I mean, as far as the pinnacle of people I look up to in the voice of my generation, it’s that guy.”

Watch Thompson’s full interview with Fallon below: 

Photo: Getty Images