Are you ready for old-ishthe black-ish spinoff that is in development at ABC? It would be the third spinoff of the show overall, joining grown-ish and mixed-ish. Kenya Barris and the team spoke about the show at the black-ish panel during an ABC virtual press day attended by Shadow and Act. old-ish would star Fishburne and Jenifer Lewis.

Barris explained, “Laurence and I had talked about this many times in different iterations and different things, and it was finding a way in and figuring out what we wanted to say.  Courtney [Lilly] beautifully sort of wove in storylines in the actual black-ish episodes, sort of like everyone’s been wanting to see Pop and Ruby together, because they’re basically together anyway.  It’s the weirdest divorce I’ve ever seen in my life.”

“I think in real life, there is a huge recurrence of second time around in older generation,” he continued, noting that people are living longer and having experiences later in life. “And it’s just finding something that we felt like we could tell a good story that felt like it fit with the brand of what we’re all doing.  I do think that we have built a really good family relationship that we can sort of make things and do things and have fun.  And who knows what’s going to happen, but I do think that ultimately it starts the stuff that we do is things that we want to do.  You don’t feel sort of forced in, and we won’t do them unless we feel good about it.  So, I think that’s what we felt about this, is that it’s been long thought about and hopefully, you know, delivers in a way that is thoughtful and considerate but also funny and special.”

And the blessings of Black Jesus will be upon us,” added Fishburne.

black-ish returns for ist new season on ABC this month.



‘Old-Ish’: Third ‘Black-Ish’ Spinoff Starring Laurence Fishburne, Jenifer Lewis In Development At ABC 


Photo: Jenifer Lewis/Twitter