It was less than a decade ago when, if you talked to any independent filmmaker who had just completed a film, their number one goal was to get some sort of theatrical distribution deal for their films. Though getting a theatrical release for a film is still a goal for many filmmakers, I don’t need to tell you that it’s not nearly as important as it was a few years ago.
There are now so many venues and opportunities for a film to be seen. Increasingly popular and quickly becoming the norm are video-on-demand platforms like Netflix, iTunes, and Amazon for example. The model has been so successful that VOD venues are not only releasing new and previously released material, but financing them as well. All of this is good news for independent filmmakers everywhere.
So it’s not surprising when filmmaker Kiara Jones announced last week that her feature film, "Christmas Wedding Baby," is available to stream on Netflix.
The comedy about the romantic complications of three sisters, at the end of which Ms Jones includes the words, “No harm was done to women of color in this film” (which, more a than anything reflects the sad state of black female representation in the media), was glowingly reviewed by Monique Williams for S & A last year, calling it "warm and loving," adding that Ms. Jones "took care to write beautifully flawed characters without making them caricatures."
Now after a nearly two years touring the film festival circuit, and some occasional theatrical bookings, "Christmas Wedding Baby" is now streaming on Netflix. So if you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, or want to revisit it again, here’s your chance.