Kindred, the FX series on Hulu based on the Octavia Butler novel of the same name, has been canceled after one season.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news.

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, the series’ showrunner, is going to shop the series around to other outlets, according to The Hollywood Reporter. According to the outlet, Jacobs-Jenkins wanted to have several sesaons for the series, which follows an aspiring writer in L.A. who develops the ability to time travel back to the 1800s to meet her enslaved ancestors.

However, according to fandom response, fans of the Butler series were less than happy with the series’ handling of Butler’s themes. Robert Daniels for Roger Ebert wrote that the series turns Butler’s use of time travel into “an unimaginative parlor trick, and her inspired world-building isn’t honored.” He also wrote how the series isn’t “a bold reimagining of 1970s racial politics (the decade of the novel’s publication) through a present-day lens. This FX series…is a top-down over-simplification of the radical source material.”

The series stared Mallori Johnson in her first major acting role. Ryan Kwanten and Gayle Rankin also star in the series.

Jacobs-Jenkins talked about his love for Butler’s novel and his desire to turn it into a series with Shadow and Act in 2022.

“I reread [Kindred] for the 15th time in 2010 on the floor of my bedroom,” he said. “I was living in Berlin, Germany, at the time. And I closed it and said, ‘This is a television show.’ And that was the beginning of my trying to make it happen. It took six years of tracking down the rights, convincing everyone to give me a shot, and taking it to the amazing people at FX, who took a chance on it before we were picked up. This has been how I’ve spent a very good chunk of my life, and I’m super honored. It’s the honor of my career to bring this to its next iteration.”

Johnson also told Shadow and Act how she was excited to read for the part as a fan of Butler.

“I had read the book previously, so I was already a fan of Octavia Butler,” she said. “I had read Fledgling first. And I was always a sci-fi fan. I love expansive, imaginative worlds. And to see an expansive, imaginative world centered on Black people was everything. So to be a part of that, I was running toward it. There was no way I wasn’t going to do it. And I’m so grateful to have gotten it.”