The production team behind the upcoming Korryn Gaines documentary has announced an official partnership with the ‘Say Her Name’ Campaign, an initiative of the African American Policy Forum (AAPF) and Center for Intersectionality and Social Policy Studies (CISPS) at Columbia University

Under this partnership, AAPF and CISPS will support the production and promotion of the upcoming Korryn Gaines documentary, which is produced and directed by helmer Jason Pollock.

“‘Say Her Name’ has been one of the biggest supporters to our family and we are so excited to welcome them to this team,” said the mother of Korryn Gaines, Rhanda Dorrmeus. “It’s important that the whole world sees this movie, so they know what really happened to my baby. I’m honored that this important organization will be a part of our fight.”

Gaines was killed by a SWAT team in front of her 5-year-old son after a 6-hour standoff in Baltimore, Maryland in 2016. Her death sparked a national outcry regarding the treatment of slain Black women at the hands of law enforcement. Gaines’ death garnered attention from the “Say Her Name” movement, which advocates for the stories of slain Black women to be at the forefront of our national dialogue.

“Stories like Korryn’s far too often get misreported by the media and then, as a result of that distortion, swept under the rug and forgotten,” said ‘Say Her Name’ Co-Founder Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw, the executive director of AAPF. “Remembering Black women like Korryn can help put continuous pressure on our government to make necessary changes to save Black lives. Our team is honored to see a production of this caliber to bring needed attention to the crisis of Black women dying at the hands of law enforcement.”

 The Korryn Gaines documentary is currently in production and is slated for an official release by the end of 2023.