Many in the black community may have heard of Kwanzaa, but just as many have misconceptions about the holiday.

Kwanzaa Actually, from producer Kerry Coddett (The Rundown with Robin Thede, 50 Central), is a series of comedy shorts that debunk commonly held myths about the holiday in an engaging way. Coddett is teaming up with fellow comedian Rob Haze (spotted on Comedy Central, Viceland, JFL).

The series is in partnership with Kwanzaa Crawl, a popular and unapologetically black bar crawl spanning the areas of Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Synopsis: It’s Rob’s favorite time of the year, the Holiday Season. But to his girlfriend Kerry’s dismay, Rob doesn’t celebrate the holiday she loves the most—Kwanzaa! In a series of conversations, Kerry clears up Rob’s criticisms and misconceptions about the widely misunderstood celebration of black heritage. By dismantling the myths and answering objections through real and hilarious conversations, Kerry eventually convinces Rob—and anyone watching—that the First Fruits of the Harvest is a wondrous celebration just as cool as Yule.

For more information about Coddett, head to her website here!