In the new Netflix thriller The Perfection, nothing is what it seems. A series of mind-trippy events, The Perfection stars Shadow And Act RISING Award winner and Dear White People lead Logan Browning and Get Out‘s Allison Williams as world-class cellists inducted into a world where perfection is everything and mistakes have horrific consequences.

Shadow And Act caught up with the stars as the movie just as the movie launched on the streaming platform to talk about how this suspenseful film might mirror ‘Get Out’ and what message it has for Mental Health Awareness Month.

“All we want to do as actors is to have an opportunity to fun and challenge ourselves and showcase things that we’ve been skilled in,” Browning said of her role where she gets to jump from a sexy seductress to a troubled star in the middle of a breakdown. “In terms of actually tapping into something specific, I did like the idea of Lizzy being this cool seductive character and this idea of me that’s not real–”

“Oh, come on! I was there. She’s a seductive person,” Williams interrupted, speaking of the steamy scenes the two share.

From the trailer, Williams’s character Charlotte is giving off serious Rose Armitage vibes, signaling to the audience that Browning’s character Lizzy could very well be in a ‘Get Out’ situation. For Williams, this is intentional.

“That’s the biggest similarly to ‘Get Out’ is that there’s such a limited amount I could say without spoiling it,” Williams said. “But I will say that I picked the part knowing that that would inform the audience’s experience going into it, that there would be a level of distrust the minute you see my face on screen and then when you see my face with Logan’s and the fear on Logan’s behalf. And just wondering what [Charlotte] is up to the whole time. That’s good for the movie,” she said.

As for Mental Health Awareness Month, the film, which touches on PTSD, childhood trauma and more, Browning had this to say about how The Perfection‘s message could be relevant to the topic:

“I think there could be an element of really unearthing things when your world feels like they’re crashing down. A lot of times when people’s worlds are crashing down, when they’re feeling hyper-depressed, hyper-anxietal, I’ve experienced or people in my life have experienced, my M.O. has been don’t run from this because when you run from this you’re going to act like it’s not existing…you’ll have to face it and that’s how you’ll have a breakthrough. This movie could be a part of that conversation.”

The Perfection is streaming now on Netflix.


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