Fans are witnessing the unraveling of Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels’ marriage in the current season of the VH1 reality series, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. The two wed in 2019 and welcomed their daughter Safire Majesty months later. In 2020, Mena announced that she was pregnant with the couple’s second child.

But social media posts hinted at trouble at the Samuels household. Mena has since come forward with allegations that Samuels abandoned her after giving birth to their daughter and that he runs away from responsibilities. Samuels is known to be playful but Mena says he lacks maturity and stability.

The two have broken up several times but always have found their way back to each other. But, Mena filed for divorce earlier this summer, just ahead of their son’s birth. She recently accused Samuels of having an affair with another LHH alum, Kailyn Garcia. Samuels is accusing Mena of destroying his property, including his clothes, shoes, and motorcycle and is asking that a judge hold her responsible.

One episode has already shown Mena break the news to Samuels that she was pregnant. His response was less than thrilled, complaining previously that Mena gained too much weight during her pregnancy with Safire and that being a parent is too overwhelming for him.

On the latest episode, Mena’s claims that Samuels is too immature to be a father and a husband was proven to be true to many viewers. He rolled his eyes at the idea that they could possibly have another girl, only to become excited when Mena revealed they were having a boy.

Things took a turn when Safire fell on the floor and hit her head. Safire’s guitar also fell. Mena rushed to pick up the guitar off of Safire as Safaree laughed, leaving Mena frustrated that he left their crying 1-year-old laying on the ground.

“Safaree, pick her up you freaking idiot,” she snapped “What’s your problem?” she angrily added. He responded, “When she’s with me by herself, this don’t happen.”

She then took Safire in another room, returning and calling Samuels a “d—head.” 

“This moment is probably setting me up to get ready for what my life is about to be. Me having to hold down my babies by myself, even when they’re hurting, because daddy finds it to be funny. But it just proves how immature he is,” she said in her confessional.

Watch the clip below: