Yandy Smith-Harris made headlines when she introduced her foster daughter, Infinity, in 2018. The Love & Hip Hop star first began building a bond with the then-teenager three years prior when she began mentoring her and discovered Infinity’s unstable life at home.

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At the time of beginning transitioning Infinity into the Smith-Harris household, Yandy’s husband Mendeecees was serving an extended prison sentence for drug trafficking. He expressed being uncomfortable with Yandy’s decision, considering the couple shares two young children together, but Yandy pressed forward anyway, documenting the process on the VH1 reality show.

Though Yandy taking Infinity in appeared honorable, many questioned her motives. Some of her co-stars, namely her former BFF Kimbella said it was for show. Others believed that once Mendeecees returned from prison, Infinity would be out of the question. In recent months, Infinity has appeared MIA from Yandy’s social media so it appears that it’s somewhat true, but according to Yandy, it’s due to a decision that Infinity made. 

During a recent episode, Yandy and Infinity sat for a chat regarding Yandy sending Infinity back to her grandmother’s. Apparently, the decision came after Infinity’s relationship older person that Yandy deemed toxic and dangerous. 

“Infinity was in a very toxic relationship with an older person. And as her mother, it is my right to say you are not allowed to date someone that much older than you,” Yandy said.

She continued, explaining that the older person would leak false stories to blogs in an attempt to slander Yandy’s name due to her dislike of them.

“This person was gonna try to get my kids taken from me and call TMZ…I told you, and you still decided to do what you wanted to do,” Yandy told Infinity.

Infinity shot back, noting that she didn’t believe it should have resulted in her being kicked out of the household. 

“Yes, I did make a decision,” Infinity admitted. “You wanted me to stop, and I chose not to stop dealing with that person, but just because I made a decision, did I deserve to be sent back to the wolves. Did I deserve to go live back with my grandmother?”

Furthermore, Infinity was hurt when Mendeeces excluded her from a holiday post on his social media.

Fans are siding with Infinity, especially considering her past and the understanding of what Yandy was getting into fostering a seemingly troubled teen.

“Yandy caused her more trauma,” one fan noted, per Atlanta Black Star. “Why take someone out of a toxic situation and place them back in that environment… This is why I always thought Yandy used her for a storyline.. And what 17-year-old didn’t date behind their parents back.? When you become a ‘MOTHER’ you gotta take the good and bad…”

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Another fan agreed, writing, “Should’ve never adopted her if you was gon return to sender. The damage has been done and Yandy has to understand and respect that girls choice to be done with her. You sent her back where she came from…that’s it.”

“I agree that if that was one of Yandy’s kids, that wouldn’t have been filmed,” tweeted one viewer. “If the love was real why use this as a way to make you look better. Why not protect her and discuss it off camera.

However, some are agreeing with Yandy too, given the situation. “I have to agree with Yandy. Infinity should understand what’s right,” said another person on Twitter.

“Oh nahhhhh I wholeheartedly agree with Yandy,” added someone else. “If Infinity didnt want to abide by Yandy’s rules, then yea you cant be in my home creating chaos.”