Another HBO Max series has bitten the dust. This time, it’s Love Life.

Variety reports that the romance-driven anthology series has been the latest cancellation by HBO Max, adding to its latest tally of cancellations including Legendary, Minx, FBoy Island and Sweet Life: Los Angeles. To add insult to injury, both seasons of the show, including the second one starring William Jackson Harper, will be taken off the HBO Max platform.

Like Minx, Love Life was produced by Lionsgate, which might make some wonder if Warner Bros. Discovery views Lionsgate scripted television as particularly expensive. The recent cancellations at HBO Max are part of the Warner Bros. Discovery trying to find ways to cut costs in their unscripted and scripted content.

The goal for Warner Bros. Discovery President and CEO David Zaslav is to find $3.5 billion in savings to justify the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery Inc. But the move to find savings has led to several projects, particularly those that cater to diverse audiences, getting cut.

Season 2 of Love Life starred Harper as a man whose marriage imploded, making him single once again, but this time in his 30s, trying to figure out love once more.

“Everything sort of kicks off with that relationship coming to an end,” he told Shadow and Act in 2021. “What does that mean–when you have this idea of what your life is supposed to be and you think you’re in your lane doing what you’re supposed to be doing and that’s all thrown up in the air? At its heart, its the story of a guy trying to find himself again at a time when he feels like he should have already found himself.”