On the heels of Lovecraft Country scoring 18 Emmy nominations, creator/EP Misha Green posted more from her prospective season two bible. The outline shows how expansive the second season was going to be.

“Just going to leave this right here,” Green tweeted with an image of her outline’s table of contents. As we can see from the image, Green expected to create a season around the next generation of Freemans fighting for Black life. Dee Freeman (Jada Harris), and Leti (Jurnee Smollett) and Atticus’ (Jonathan Majors) son George are mentioned, as well as new characters Billie Baptiste and Wi Sapa “Black Moon” and Xochimitl “Flowered Arrow.”

Wi Sapa and Xochimitl are particularly interesting additions since the first season had a huge misstep with Indigenous non-binary character Yahima (Monique Candelaria). Yahima was only in one episode, killed by Atticus’ father Montrose (Michael K. Williams). Fans were disturbed by Montrose, who is gay, killing another character on the LGBTQ spectrum, especially one as marginalized as an Indigenous character. Green addressed the controversy, admitting to making a mistake with the storyline. Perhaps Wi Sapa and Xochimitl were characters that sought to rectify the show’s previous error with Indigenous representation.

Other pieces of information from the table of contents include Leti and Atticus, who are still major players in the storyline despite Atticus dying in the season finale. Perhaps Atticus would have been able to contact others from beyond the veil, or maybe he was resurrected. Unfortunately, we might not ever know. Other secrets include “The Origin” and “The Source,” perhaps referring to where the magic that permeated the first season came from.

Green had planned for 10-episode second season, as well as for season three. She also had some ideas for what could happen beyond season three, if the show were allowed to continue for several more seasons.

This sneak peek at the second season, plus other behind the scenes info Green has tweeted since the show’s cancellation by HBO–including a territorial United States complete with a New Negro Republic, a zombie wasteland called the Whitelands, the Jefferson Commonwealth and the Tribal Nations of the West– have propelled fans to petition Apple+ to renew Lovecraft Country. Their efforts could make a difference, since Green has now inked a TV deal with Apple+, where her former Underground supporters, Jamie Erlicht, Zack Van Amberg, and Matt Cherniss, now work.