Fox Searchlight has released the first trailer for Lucy in the Sky (fka Pale Blue Dot). The film stars Natalie Portman, Zazie Beetz and Jon Hamm.

The film centers on “a married astronaut, Lucy Cola (Portman), who returns to Earth after a mission and begins an affair with a fellow astronaut (Hamm). She heads into a downward spiral as she loses her connection to her family — a condition that can afflict those who spend a long time in space — and when her lover begins another affair with an astronaut trainee, the bottom drops out.”

The film is loosely inspired by the real-life story surrounding astronaut Lisa Nowak’s affair with fellow astronaut Bill Oefelein — including the attempted murder and kidnapping of Colleen Shipman, whom Nowak considered to be a romantic rival. Beetz will portray Erin Eccles, assumed to be the character based on Colleen Shipman.

Reese Witherspoon, who was initially set to play Lucy, is a producer on the film. The film is from Legion creator Noah Hawley.

Atlanta star Beetz, last seen in Steven Soderbergh’s High Flying Bird, has wrapped production on several projects, including Against All Enemies with Kristen Stewart and Joker with Joaquin Phoenix.

Watch the trailer below: