Luke Cage tops the list of the 10 shows Americans miss the most from Netflix.

Digital SEO agency Ardent Growth revealed their list of the 10 shows U.S. that viewers hate Netflix cancelled. The list was created after surveying 2,609 members of the viewing public. Luke Cage topped the list at 71 percent, with diverse ensemble cast-starrer G.L.O.W. coming in at 61 percent and Santa Clarita Diet coming in at 60 percent. Altered Carbon, whose second season starred Anthony Mackie, came in at 44 percent. Luke Cage was the most searched in Maryland and Mississippi according to three years of Google Trends data.

The full list reads as follows:

  1. Luke Cage – 71%
  2. G.L.O.W – 61%
  3. Santa Clarita Diet – 60%
  4. The Punisher – 55%
  5. Teenage Bounty Hunters – 52%
  6. BoJack Horseman – 50%
  7. The OA – 49%
  8. Next in Fashion – 47%
  9. Altered Carbon – 44%
  10. Disjointed – 40%

The main reason fans felt strongly about the shows’ cancellation was that they felt the shows ended too early. 68 percent of participants felt their favorite shows had more story to tell.

“There are some brilliant shows in this list. I’d possibly even go as far as saying they’re cult status,” said Ardent Growth founder/CEO Skyler Reeves in a statement. “Now, whether these shows received a kind of cult status before or after their cancellation is something that we can’t quite be sure of!”

“That being said, it was really interesting to see how people feel about some of these shows,” Reeves continued. “It’s clear that they had massive fan bases, and with Netflix continuing to boom perhaps we’ll get some of the closure we need, or at least some good shows to distract us!”

Luke Cage ran for two years before being canceled by Netflix in 2018. According to Deadline, showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker had already been working with Netflix and Marvel for six months on Season 3 scripts before Netflix decided to pull the plug. The outlet reports that the series was probably canceled because of differences in creative vision.