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(l to r) For Mother Only, Stoop 55’s The Smiths, Corazon


Tomorrow night, July 29th in Brooklyn, NYC, The Luminal Theater, a soon-to-open microcinema dedicated to African diaspora cinema to be located in the Bedford-Stuyvesant of Brooklyn, along with the live streaming network Bondfire Radio are hosting an exclusive Short Film Night with an impressive array of new and recent films and new media.

In this NYC summer where there aren’t many Black film options, this night of cinema is providing a fundamental need.

Films include the highly-touted “Spit” by Mtume Gant (recently featured on S&A for his new film “White Face” – currently fundraising on Kickstarter), Shavon Myers’ haunting meditation “Corazon,” the K. Gaines starring martial arts farce “Kung Fu Bum,” moody relationship film “Tastes Like Medicine,” and the new comedy webseries “All My Friends Are Married,” among other standout films.

Running from 8-10pm, the screenings are followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and then an afterparty.  The night also serves as a fundraiser for both independent media companies that are changing the ways audiences receive and experience art & culture in NYC.

She full lineup below, and get tickets and more information on The Luminal Theater’s website .

ALL MY FRIENDS ARE MARRIED (ep. 1 & 2)  Created by Mercedes Brazier-Thurman
This quirky and comedic web series highlights the joys, mistakes, hopes and pitfalls of Lauren, a 30-something New Yorker, as she navigates the single life with her very imaginative point of view.

SUBPAR episode 2 – direct
ed by Lost Art.BK
A talented dancer who has fallen upon tough times now panhandles in subway stations to make a living in NYC. Unknowingly, LaChrisha & the dancer paths cross on a random day in a train station, which leads to them becoming artistically inspired by each other.

TASTES LIKE MEDICINE – written & Directed by Steven Alexander Russell
A young man has a mental breakdown at his ex-lovers baby shower, which causes a rift in his reality.


SPIT – directed by Mtume Gant

Mtume Gant's SPIT
Mtume Gant’s SPIT

Jeremiah “Monk-One” Sinclair is an underground NY Hip Hop artist who reaches the conclusion to let his vocation go simply because he feels it causes him more pain to practice and “starve” for his art than to persevere. Using the camera as his eyes, Monk-One’s journey is innovatively told from his literal the point-of-view.

STOOP 55’s “The Smiths”
Transitioning into the next chapters of life, singers Raii and Whitney Keaton are The SMITHS. See how they’ve learned to compliment each other as husband and wife, and value the individual in order to add to the collective in this documentary webseries.

BYWATER BLUE by Cavalier – produced by Iman Omari; Visualized by Vashni Korin
A high-spirited and spiritual documentary-style music video celebrating the beauty in death of a New Orleans funeral march.

NO BONI  – directed by Dubious Ashong
Set in 2017, the first test patient involved in the United States’ Pharmaceutical Reparation Experiment is administered the highly classified NO BONI pill, unlocking genetic memories from his DNA that take him on a mind bending journey to regain the history of his diasporian ancestors, during, after and prior to the slave trade.

CORAZON – directed by Shavon Meyers
A hauntingly beautiful piece that explores depression, religion and sexuality through one woman’s daring tale of love deferred . “Corazón” invites you into a new world and challenges your beliefs by exposing you to a reality that most never knew existed.

FOR MOTHER ONLY – directed by Kashana “Kash” Sarvis & Marlon Lewis
An unsuspecting mother gets so caught up in her daily routine that her child suddenly ends up missing.  and her anguish in the immediate aftermath of a situation so heart breaking and cruel. Who? What? Where? When? …but really, why?
KUNG FU BUM – directed by Peter Lawton;  starring K. Gaines

Kung Fu Bum
In this wonderfully choreographed satire, after the brutal murder of his clan, Kung Fu Bum sets out on a quest for vengeance. But will vengeance be enough.

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