A Black Lady Sketch Show‘s Quinta Brunson is leading SyFy’s new TZGZ animated comedy Magical Girl Friendship Squad.

Brunson shares the lead with Anna Akana, and series regulars include Matteo Lane and Ana Gasteyer. Manny Jacinto, Christine Baranski, Helen Hong and Sarah “Squirm” Sherman will also star in recurring roles with guest stars Jason Mantzoukas, Jamie Loftus, Vella Lovell, Paget Brewster and Patti Harrison. According to Deadline, Stephanie Sheh, Taylor Ortega and Daisy Hobbs are cast as “utlity players,” meaning they will lend their voices to multiple roles in the series.

Sheh in particular is a nice casting choice, seeing how she is a voice actor for the American dub of Sailor Moon and Magical Girl Friendship Squad is heavily inspired by Sailor Moon and the “magical girl” anime subgenre.

Brunson and Akana play Alex and Daisy, two friends who are, as Deadline reports, “destined to save the Universe…as soon as they figure out how to pay their rent.” Alex is described as a realist who loves ‘mom stuff” and can’t seem to get where she wants to be in her career. Daisy, on the other hand, is a pop-culture loving slacker who believes in herself, refusing to become a slave to a relationship or a job. Their mascot of sorts is Nut (Gasteyer), a red panda who also happens to be the creator and protector of the universe.

The series is created by Kelsey Stephanides and was originally airing on SyFy’s TZGZ animation lineup as four-minute shorts.


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