A scripted project on Malcolm X is coming to the small screen.

It is being developed by indie studio Critical Content, based on the book Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention. Author Manning Marable won a Pulitzer Prize for it the book, which is considered to be “the definitive history of Malcolm X’s life, revealing previously unknown details of Malcolm X’s evolution into an internationally recognized black leader. ”

There is no word on potential networks as of yet, and the studio is searching for filmmakers right now. David Matthews is writing the script.

This is set to be the first portrayal of Malcolm X on-screen since 2014, in which Nigel Thatch played the leader in Selma. 

Most notably, Denzel Washington starred in the 1992 film, Malcolm X. Over the years, James Earl Jones, Joe Morton, Morgan Freeman, Mario Van Peebles and more have played Malcolm X in a variety of television programs and film.

Critical Content, who also produced The Case of JonBenet Ramsey for CBS is planning to also produce a documentary on Malcolm X’s legacy, aside from the series.