Fans of the Wayans brothers’ comedy White Chicks have to continue to wait for news of an official sequel after a social media post about a sequel stoked false excitement.

Atlanta Black Star reports that Marlon Wayans shut down the fan excitement regarding a possible sequel after a poster touting a fake sequel made the rounds on the internet. Wayans posted the poster on his own Instagram with the caption, “Not true…AT ALL!”

Fans expressed their disappointment, with one writing how “freaking pissed” they were.

“I got excited for nothing!?!?” they wrote, jokingly adding that she was going to “write a letter” regarding the fake news.

Others felt like the poster should spur Wayans and his brother Shawn to release something, with one fan writing in part, “At least release a rough cut on Tubi.”

Wayans has already said in other interviews how becoming the characters was a taxing process, something that has turned him away from doing a sequel. As he said in a 2022 GQ interview, he would think about doing another White Chicks film if technology made it easier for him to turn into a white woman digitally instead of through practical effects.

“That movie almost killed us,” he said. “We’d work 14 hours after that. It takes an hour to take the makeup off. Shawn and I would get two hours of sleep for like 65 days, or 60 days…That was hard and almost killed us.”

Wayans can currently be seen alongside Viola Davis and Chris Tucker in in the film Air, detailing the epic deal between Nike and Michael Jordan. He is also developing Book of Marlon, a semi-autobiographical comedy series for Starz. Wayans will star, co-write and executive produce.