Michelle Williams joined Destiny’s Child in 1999 and has been working tirelessly to prove herself as an equal to Beyonce and Kelly Rowland ever since. Williams feels she’s constantly being compared to her DC friends. She’s been open about how being the brunt of jokes has contributed negatively to her mental health

Luckily, she’s learned to take the good with the bad and laughs most things off nowadays. But there’s one thing she’d love to forget. 

Millions of viewers watched as the group promoted their final studio album Destiny Fulfilled on 106 & Park in 2004. During the appearance, the group performed a few tracks, including their popular single “Soldier.”

During the opening, Williams famously fell while performing a choreographed catwalk. Beyonce gave a slight glance well Rowland came to a full stop for a brief moment before continuing. Williams got up and seamlessly continued with the performance, even taking her heels off as the audience cheered her on.

While the audience applauded Williams for getting back up and continuing with the performance, social media users haven’t been as forgiving. Williams says the moment is the one in her career she’s the most embarrassed over.

“You tried it! Didn’t I—haven’t I stayed on my feet every other… you’re gonna make me curse,” she told Larry Reid during a recent interview when she was asked about the iconic moment. 

“I need people to stop saying, ‘She’s so clumsy!’ … I fell one time,” she notes. “That’s like, causing PTSD. That’s probably why I ain’t gon’ make music…There is no evidence of me falling any other time. I fell one time…That happened in 2005…it probably took me 12 or 13 years to watch it…Robbie Williams has fallen, Usher has fallen, Madonna has fallen, Beyoncé has fallen, Kelly passed out. Why do y’all single me out?”

And she’s right, others have fallen or stumbled during several performances, including down a flight of stairs.