Mike Epps and Katt Williams will reunite on-screen for the first time since Friday After Next in the upcoming sequel film to Meet the Blacks called, The House Next Door. 

After surviving a night of terror and becoming a best-selling author, overstressed Carl Black (Epps) moves his family back to his childhood home where he hopes to work in peace and quiet on a new book that he owes his publisher. But when his quirky neighborhood becomes host to a mysteriously extravagant pimp (Williams), Carl’s work is interrupted after his dead-beat cousin becomes convinced the new neighbor is actually a vampire and is trying to steal Carl’s entire family away. Carl is forced to team up with an oddball cast of neighborhood characters as they take the fight to the vampire pimp in a hilarious battle for Carl’s family… and the future of his old hood.

Deon Taylor is directing with his production partners Roxanne Avent and Robert F. Smith. Mike Epps is a producer on the film via his Naptown Productions banner along with producing partner Niles Kirchner, who is executive producing. Katt Williams is executive producing as well.

Most Meet The Blacks cast members will return for this film, including,  Bresha Webb, Zulay Henao, Andrew Bachelor and comedians Lil Duval, Michael Blackson and Tyrin Turner.

“Mike and Katt are so comedically explosive together. I don’t know how we’re going to keep it together on set with these two at the top of their game, but we’re happy to have this as our problem to deal with! Audiences really responded to ‘Meet the Blacks’ so we’re happy to give them another dose of dysfunction with ‘House Next Door,'” said Taylor.

Principal photography begins this week in Atlanta.