For months, rumors about Tamar Braxton’s now ex-boyfriend David Adefeso’s controlling behavior have run rampant. Sources close to Braxton have alleged that Adefeso isolated Braxton from close friends and family. Furthermore, they say he played an intricate role in her business affairs and had much influence over her decisions, despite Adefeso being a financial guru and not an entertainment executive. 

Amid the allegations of Adefeso’s controlling behavior, Braxton took to Instagram with a lengthy dissertation praising him for saving her in her darkest days. It was Adefeso who found the “Love & War” singer unconscious in July

Through tears, Adefeso told a 911 operator that Braxton had been upset with her longtime network, WE Tv, and desired to get out of her contract. Her new reality show, Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life is currently airing. His mentioning of her issues with WE Tv only added to rumors that he was too involved in her career, and Braxton’s family reportedly found it suspicious that he’d speak of such while Braxton was in clear distress. 

Braxton and WE Tv, severed ties following her hospitalization. She accused the network of exploiting her family, overworking and underpaying her. Braxton was allegedly upset over the new promotion for her 

But We TV staff paint a different picture. They allege that it was Adefeso, not Braxton, who did not like his portrayal on the show. Production sources say he became disgruntled and did not want to come off as controlling. They also claim that in spite of Adefeso’s insistence that he never wanted to participate in reality television, his actions proved otherwise.

Tamar Braxton: Get Ya Life is currently airing. The six-part docuseries follows Braxton rebuilding her life and career post-divorce from her music executive ex-husband, Vincent Herbert, who also worked as her manager. During one episode, Adefeso confronts Braxton about Herbert being in “his” home without his knowledge…though it’s Braxton’s home and she and Herbert share a 7-year-old son.

Herbert drops their son off at Braxton’s home and the former couple share a few laughs, though Herbert does not appear on camera. According to a production note that flashes on the screen, Adefeso refused to participate in the show if Herbert did. 

Sources tell The Jasmine Brand that Braxton desperately wanted to show a healthy relationship between her and Herbert, but Adefeso made her choose. In the end, she chose Adefeso. Other scenes show a frustrated Braxton opening up about the difficulties of being in the middle of drama between Herbet and Adefeso. 

Mona Scott-Young, who serves as an executive producer on Get Ya Life, is seemingly corroborating productions claims that Adefeso would not do the show with Herbert involved. LeTroy Davis, a once close friend and employee of Braxton’s, tweeted Scott-Young a question: Did Adefeso’s contract outwardly say Herbert could not appear on the show?

Scott-Young first took the high road, replying, “Mama said if you ain’t got nuttin’ nice to say,” along with a shoulder shrug emoji. She followed it up with something more concrete, writing, “They say don’t believe everything you read but in this case….”

Braxton and Adefeso are no longer together following allegations of domestic violence and Adefeso’s restraining order against the singer. Herbert is reportedly by Braxton’s side throughout the ordeal. Braxton and Herbert once referred to themselves as velcro, and it looks like the bond still stands.


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