Mo’Nique came back in fighting form thanks to ads developed by Donald Glover for Adidas to promote his new “Nizza” shoes. The series of ads showed Mo’Nique roasting the living daylights out of Glover, taking him to task for being all manner of bougie. If you’ve been like many out there who have been wondering how the commercial came about, Mo’Nique has now provided the details.

In an interview with Complex, she said the opportunity came after Glover’s creative team reached out to her via her husband and manager, Sydney Hicks.

“Well, Fam Rothstein, who is one of Donald Glover’s teammates, and a sister named Sylvia, they called and spoke to my husband, who everybody knows is my manager,” she said. “They spoke to Sydney, and when I say it was a beautiful negotiation? It was the way it’s supposed to be done. It was professional people dealing with professional people, and we made something beautiful. I wish every deal and every phone call could be the one that came in from Fam Rothstein and Sister Sylvia. I wish they could be that way because it makes it so much easier.”

Mo’Nique continued, saying how respected she felt by Glover’s team. “I remember at the end of the shoot, I asked Donald if could I talk to him and his team, and it was one of those moments that brought tears to my eyes to say to those brothers, ‘This is how it’s supposed to be,'” she said. “And to treat a Black woman with such respect and honor, that for me goes down in my history book, to say there are still those out there that treat us with the respect we’re supposed to be treated with. They’re still out there and I know it seems like we got to dig deep, but dammit his name is Donald Glover.”

Let’s hope that the good time Mo’Nique had with Glover means there could be more projects between the two creatives in the future.


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