nullAs the first half of the new TV season winds down, with the holiday season kicking off in a couple of weeks with Thanksgiving, I thought I’d run a survey to get a feel for how you all are feeling about the new TV shows we’ve been covering since the new TV season began – shows like "Black-ish," "How to Get Away With Murder," "Survivor’s Remorse," "Mike Tyson Mysteries," "Gotham," "Red Band Society," "American Horror Story: Freak Show," "Flash," and others not mentioned here; essentially, as you can see based on the titles I did list, new TV series that have a majority black starring cast, or that feature a black character (or 2) in a starring/regular series role.

There was a lot of initial excitement for this fall season, as networks began announcing their pilot orders earlier in the year, as there were quite a few that, again, had majority black casts, or that featured black characters in significant roles. I’d say about half of the pilot orders were eventually discarded, and never made it to series, or they will instead premiere during the second half of the 2014/2015 TV season, as mid-season replacements – shows like Lee Daniels’ ‘Empire,’ which debuts in January on FOX, and Sony PlayStation Network’s "Powers," which is set to premiere in December. Also, some debuted late summer, and have already run through their first seasons, like "Black Jesus," which aired on Adult Swim from August 7 through October 9, when it’s 10th and final episode of the season was broadcast. So feel free to consider a series like that as well, as you reply to my survey in the comments section below. 

Also, you can include returning series, if you must, like "Sleepy Hollow," which, unfortunately, hasn’t been doing as well this season, as it performed during its freshman year, and, according to some, could very well be canceled after this season ends. There’s also Shonda Rhimes’ "Scandal," "The Walking Dead" (which has more black characters in it this season, than any previous), and we could even toss "Saturday Night Live" into the hat, given that it’s added 2 new black women cast members, as well as black women writers to its staff. Of course, Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson are still there. 

So, dive in, and share your thoughts. Almost halfway through the new TV season, what’s hooked you for the rest of the season, whether new series or old? What have you already given up on, and will likely never return to? What are you still on the fence about, but are willing to continue to watch, hoping for some kind of sign or shift that would push you to one side or the other?