There’s nothing like snuggling up on your couch with your favorite snacks and fuzzy socks to watch Lifetime’s latest Christmas movie, My Favorite Christmas Melody.

My Favorite Christmas Melody is the ideal Christmas story with a sprinkle of hope and Christmas cheer, centered promising singer-songwriter, Abby (Mýa), who finds herself ridden with uninspired jingles after facing a creative roadblock. Heading to her hometown for the holidays, Abby rediscovers her talent and takes a chance at love while working with the local high school teacher to help save the school arts program.

Abby also regains the confidence to go after her song-writing dreams and lets the possibility of singing successful Christmas songs come to life.

Shadow and Act spoke to Mýa about the new television film, how she related to her character, the upcoming holiday and more.

The Grammy winner shared with us how her character Abby has a lot in common with her, views the road less traveled, discovers what is “worth it” in her life, and more.

They say home is where the heart is, and Abby learns this well on her holiday trip. Mýa agrees that when she loses inspiration she goes back to her home in the DMV. “Home is actually where I turn [to] when I am transitioning from maybe devastation, to new territory in my independent career.”

She added, “I started a foundation for children in the inner city and it took me back to my love of the arts, where I came from, my roots, and purpose; a purposeful life, what made me, shaped me and sometimes you can lose your interest or focus or the love for it [your craft]. I allowed that not to happen to me by always staying close to home.”

Mýa shared that she realized, “There are very much many similarities between myself Mýa, Mýaa the singer, Mýa Harrison and Abby walker in love, distrust, and stepping out on a leap of faith in new things. I definitely connected with the script.”

For more, check out the interview below and watch Lifetime’s My Favorite Christmas Melody on Sunday, Dec. 5 at 8/7c.