EDEN - Nate ParkerI was just informed that this Nate Parker film, which we profiled about a year ago, when it was being shopped at the European Film Market in February 2015, is now streaming on Netflix.

Vertical Entertainment acquired North American rights to the survival thriller titled "Eden," which hails from Ombra Films, the same production house that brought us "Unknown" – the Liam Neeson actioner.

With shades of English author William Golding’s "Lord of the Flies," the "Eden" story follows a soccer team, after its plane crashes on a deserted island, as survival instincts take over, leading to divisions into groups, and all the hardships that come with being stranded on a deserted island, become the least of their concerns.

You know how that story usually goes… it becomes less about the elements, and more about what human beings are capable of doing to each other, when their survival becomes primary.

As previously reported, when the project was first announced in 2013, the idea for the film came from Nate Parker, who took it to Hernany Perla, a friend, who, at the time worked at Lionsgate, and became an executive at Ombra. They worked to flesh out the story’s ideas, and would eventually commission Mark Mavrothalasitis to pen the script.

To help raise funding, Parker directed a short version of the story.

As he stated at the time: “I feel that the whole dynamic of the actor is changing… If you don’t evolve, you will evaporate. I don’t want to be in the position where anyone can pull the plug on my career.”

Indeed! If there’s one thing we preach here on S&A is that black actors really should go out of their way to create projects for themselves, instead of waiting for projects to be handed to them. It’s obviously easier said than done, but several have had success creating their own path, and I think it’s inspiring whenever I read stories like this (I’d be remiss if I don’t mention that Parker also directed and stars in "The Birth of a Nation," which premieres at Sundance this month).

Joining Parker in the "Eden" cast are Ethan Peck, Diego Boneta, Eugene Simon and Sung Kang.

Shayam Madiraju, a commercials director, made his feature directorial debut with the project.

Collet-Sera, who directed Parker in the Liam Neeson action thriller "Non-Stop," is producer of "Eden" with partner Juan Sola and Perla. Steve Smith is exec producer.

There’s no indication that the film was ever released in theaters last year (although our February 2015 announcement said it would be released in September 2015; it doesn’t look like it was). 

Check out the trailer below and then check out the film streaming on Netflix if you’re intrigued.