Production on Netflix‘s coming-of-age series My Life with the Walter Boys has commenced and the streaming giant has announced the official cast. The series is based on the WattPad novel of the same name by Ali Novak.

The logline: Following the loss of her family in a tragic accident, 15-year old Manhattanite Jackie Howard has to learn to adapt to a new life in rural Colorado with her guardian –  and 10 very rowdy boys. 

The drama series from iGeneration Studios , Sony Pictures Television and International Production will feature 10 episodes. Melanie Halsall is the creator, showrunner and executive producer alongside Ed Glaser, who also executive produces.

Check out the characters and their descriptions below:


Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie

Jackie Howard is a girl from a well-to-do New York Upper West Side family. She’s a true Manhattanite – sophisticated, theatre and ballet loving, latte-drinking. Jackie’s preppy and groomed rather than fashion-forward. She’s also super bright and very motivated, and up to just before we meet her, she attended an exclusive private girl’s school on NY’s Upper East Side. She’s a little more innocent than you might expect, not shy or a prude but is focused on her studies and future rather than drinking, partying or meeting boys. Jackie sees herself as a mature New Yorker, an AP student on the fast track to Princeton — then her life went all to hell when her parents and sister died in an accident. She has been taken in by her mother’s old friend, Katherine Walter — only Katherine lives in a big chaotic house in Colorado with 10 kids, 9 of them boys, 2 of which take a romantic interest in her. Taken from the Upper West Side of Manhattan and dropped onto the upper West Side of the Continental Divide, Jackie is a little overwhelmed by her new life, but she keeps her eye on the prize: she will get back to the East Coast and to Princeton and will not permit herself to be distracted by any of — all this. Or will she?.

Noah LaLonde as Cole

The perfect All-American Boy, Cole Walter, is blonde, tall, gorgeous, muscled and fit. He’s the most attractive and athletic of the Walter boys and is a typical Jock. He should have been captain of the football team this year, but instead, he’s lost his place after suffering a skiing injury earlier in the year. With his football career and dreams of a college scholarship in tatters, Cole has lost his way a little and his grades have plummeted. This hasn’t diminished his star power; everyone still wants to be Cole or be with Cole. He and Erin have an on-again, off-again relationship, which suits Cole, who doesn’t want to be tied down. Until Jackie arrives.

Ashby Gentry as Alex

Alex Walter is the polar opposite of his big brother Cole, a devotee of fantasy novels, Star Wars and gaming. Alex is sweet, reliable, kind, open and easily hurt. He’s a dreamer and an undeniable romantic, and his ranch upbringing has fostered a developing talent for horsemanship. We’ll come to learn that he’s just getting over a broken heart and harbours some serious resentment towards his older brother. Alex shows Jackie some gentle gallantry that hints at his romantic interest.

Sarah Rafferty as Dr. Katherine Walter 

A veterinarian by trade (and an artist by choice), Katherine is warm, kind, resilient, intelligent and capable. She is the mother of 8 kids – 7 boys and 1 girl. Katherine used to be best friends with Jackie’s mother — and promised to always be there for the family, so when Jackie’s parents died, Katherine was named her guardian. A woman who is comfortable handling all kinds of chaos (including the emotional kind), Katherine is sometimes a bit overwhelmed by the extent of Jackie’s needs but is determined to meet them.

Marc Blucas as George

George is a big bear of a man, a Western rancher who exudes warmth and well-being. A man who already lives in a sprawling house with several equally sprawling, good-looking kids, George can seem gruff and is a man of few words, but he is a kind and open family man above all and is as happy to take Jackie into his home as Katherine is. His door is always open to anyone that would need it. George’s nephews, Isaac and Lee, also live with the family.

Connor Stanhope as Danny

Danny is Cole’s fraternal twin brother, but they couldn’t be more different. Danny operates more under the radar – and that’s how he likes it. Thoughtful to the point of overthinking, Danny is quiet, considerate, and well-read. He loves theatre and is most comfortable when he is performing on stage.

Johnny Link as Will

Will Walter is the oldest of the Walter children. Will has been hard of hearing since birth and wears hearing aids. He’s warm and friendly to Jackie and quickly welcomes her into the fold. A college graduate now working in real estate, Will is struggling a little to really find his place in the world but is optimistic, enthusiastic and always ready to try something new. He lives with his fiancé, Hayley, above The Lark Café. 

Zoë Soul as Haley Young

Hayley is clever, fun, determined, practical, warm and friendly. She works at The Lark Café while studying for her Master’s degree and is great friends with Tara Joseph, Jackie’s school counselor. Hayley lives with Will and plans to marry him. 

Corey Fogelmanis as Nathan

Nathan is the cool but quiet musician of the family. He’s often seen strumming a guitar. Decent, kind, thoughtful and empathetic, he is an early ally of Jackie’s.

Jaylan Evans as Skylar Summerhill

Skylar is stylish, open, thoughtful, driven and confident. He aims to be valedictorian and become a political journalist one day. He is Grace’s best friend, and like Grace, he instantly adopts Jackie as a friend.


Dean Petriw as Jordan

Jordan Walter is an aspiring wildlife film director, and he’s much more focused on what’s going on in front of the lens than any family drama taking place off-camera.

Lennix James as Benny

Benny Walter is the youngest of the Walter clan at 5 years old. Benny has a lot of energy — so much so that you never know when you’ll find him underfoot.

Alix West Lefler as Parker

Parker is a mischievous, sporty prankster. Parker is the only other girl in the Walter extended family, and she’s not at all happy that she’s going to have Jackie as her “big sister.”

Alisha Newton as Erin

Erin is the most popular girl in school. Driven, intelligent, competitive and ambitious, she has her eyes on the prize and needs to do well in order to get a scholarship to a good college. She and Cole have an on-off relationship, and Erin is smart and sensitive enough to know that her grasp on Cole’s heart is iffy at best.

Ashley Tavares as Tara 

Tara is a kind, dedicated and overworked school counselor. Though at times harried and forgetful, she genuinely cares about her students. Usually unlucky in love and tired of the dating apps, she starts to fall for the new English teacher who’s just arrived on an exchange program from Canada.

Moheb Jindran as Nikhil

The charming Nikhil is an English and Drama teacher at Silver Falls High on an exchange program from Canada. Nikhil is flirtatious with Tara, with whom he shares a definite spark.

Ellie O’Brien as Grace

Grace is a confident, homespun type girl from a strict background. Grace instantly adopts Jackie as a new friend — and is stunned to learn that she is now living with all those Walter boys.

Mya Lowe as Kiley

Kiley is Alex’s best friend in high school and shares his love of gaming. Kiley works at a couple of jobs in town as she needs the cash to help her single mom and little brothers. Everyone likes Kiley; she’s sardonic, laid back, solid, dependable and sensible and completely in love with Alex (although she’d rather have her fingernails ripped off than admit it)

Gabrielle Jacinto as Olivia

Olivia is Erin’s best friend. Eager to please and easily lead, Olivia loves being in the cool-kids group but secretly knows she’s not that cool. Olivia is well-meaning but often a little misguided.