Netflix is winning the race against Google-owned YouTube when it comes to securing the 18-34 year old demographic, the prized demo for the television industry. According to Forbes, not only is Netflix surpassing YouTube when it comes to the youth, but it’s also winning when it comes to black content.

According to a Cowen Insights report, U.S. consumers are using Netflix more than any other platform. The survey found that 39 percent of respondents reported using Netflix versus the 17 percent that uses YouTube, 13 percent who use cable and just over 3 percent of those who use Amazon Prime Video. Netflix’s push to feature black content is likely to launch Netflix further into the lead.

As both Forbes and Shadow and Act have reported, Nielsen has found that storylines featuring diversity, including predominately black casts or the main storyline featuring either black identity or a black character, can draw non-black viewership. But also take into account one of the most viral ways Netflix is making a push into black viewership is with its social media, particularly the Strong Black Lead initiatives on Twitter and Facebook, which recently made news for recreating the iconic image A Great Day in Harlem. Netflix’s image, A Great Day in Hollywood, featured 47 black actors and creators working with Netflix and also featured a commercial narrated by Stranger Things actor Caleb McLaughlin.

Of course, news of Netflix’s ability to capture the black audience over other streaming services is yet another way for Netflix to separate itself from its other bit of press, albeit negative press–the company recently fired Jonathan Friedland, its former executive director of communications for using the N-word at least twice. The news could have hurt Netflix worse than it did, but thankfully, A Great Day in Hollywood and this new Forbes article can help Netflix feel like it’s a secure haven for black artists and viewers.