Netflix has caught some heat from one of its series personalities for a thumbnail that doesn’t feature them prominently — despite the fact that they host the show.

According to TVLine, Netflix embroiled itself in controversy by putting up a thumbnail featuring chef Jacques Torres and assistant director Weston Bahr (otherwise known on the show as “Wes”) on its site. A Twitter user caught the thumbnail and posted it on their Twitter page. The now-deleted tweet read, “i remember reading somewhere that @netflix puts men on the thumbnails of shows and movies a lot,” referencing how Netflix will utilize A/B testing on their thumbnail images to entice the viewer. “@nicolebyer IS NAILED IT,” wrote the Twitter user. “I love wes and chef jacques but COME ON – this is so upsetting.” E! News grabbed the image of the tweet.

Twitter/E! News
Twitter/E! News

Byer herself responded to the tweet with her own now-deleted thread, writing in part, “If Netflix didn’t sign my checks and give me a huge platform and opportunity to showcase my comedy, I would talk about how…disrespectful this is to me as a Black woman [and] how Black women are a lot of times erased from many different conversations…I would talk about how it makes me know my true value as the host of the show where I work incredibly hard to elevate the material given to me…I would talk about how this [is] essentially whitewashing for more views. But they sign my checks and I’m honestly so happy and grateful to and for the show and no sarcasm I love my job and wish to keep it so I’ll be quiet.”

Byer deleted those tweets after Netflix replaced the thumbnail.

“I deleted my last set of tweets [because] I talked to one the execs on my show about it and the thrilling conclusion is the removal of the image and a conversation about how the thumbnails are made and selected that I’m happy with,” she wrote on Twitter.

The original poster also deleted their tweet about the thumbnail too, writing to Byer, “I’m glad it came to a good resolution…thank you for all your hilarious work and keep up the great work!”

Nailed It! is now streaming on Netflix.



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