In a new Netflix video that you’ll find exclusively on Shadow And Act, members of the all-Black writers room of their new comedy series are digging deep.

For Netflix’s Inside The Writer’s Room, Family Reunion writers Adrienne Carter, Anthony C. Hill, Sa’Rah Jones and Hank Jones discuss their collective experiences bringing to life Loretta Devine’s M’Dear, the dualities that come with living in a racial America and reaching back to help new writers break into Hollywood.

You can watch the full segment below:

In a recent, exclusive interview with Shadow And Act, showrunner Meg DeLoatch spoke about the series and how the all-Black writing room was assembled.  “It wasn’t really something I originally set out to do, because I’ve never really been allowed to do that. But then somebody asked about the makeup of the writers room. One of the Netflix execs said there would be white writers but another said, ‘No, this is going to be an all-Black writers room.’ So then I was like, ‘I like that idea!’. I thought it was interesting because historically, that’s not encouraged, or it’s actively prevented. So I thought it would be interesting to have an African-American writers room that weaves together the tapestry of all our experiences.”



How An All-Black Writers Room Was Assembled For Tia Mowry’s New Netflix Comedy, ‘Family Reunion’


Family Reunion is streaming now on Netflix. 


Photo: Netflix