Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop live-action adaptation, starring John Cho and Mustafa Shakir, has been put on production hiatus after Cho became injured on set. Cho stars in the adaptation as the lead character, Spike Spiegel, a bounty hunter who is searching for the proper end to his tumultuous, crime-ridden past. Shakir has been cast as Jet Black, Spike’s friend and fellow bounty hunter who used to be a righteous, by-the-book cop before a horrible incident changed his life forever.

According to Deadline, the injury has been described by sources as a freak accident, especially since it occurred during a well-rehearsed scene. During the scene, Cho hurt his knee, which prompted him to be flown back to Los Angeles for surgery and rehabilitation. The hiatus is expected to last between seven to nine months.

Cho gave an update on Instagram about his progress, writing, “Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. Gonna be back and flowing in no time!” The latter is a reference to a quote by Bruce Lee, “Water can flow or it can crash.” Shakir also replied to the Instagram post, writing, “Big love cowboy! We got this[.]”

What’s worth noting is that the picture Cho posted was of him in costume as Spike. Long-time fans of the series know that Spike was a self-made disciple of Lee’s philosophy and martial arts teachings. Aside from that tidbit, Spike wears a yellow shirt and blue pants, just like the ones Cho is wearing in the picture.

The fact that Cho posted the picture in this manner shows how much Cho and Netflix are committed to not only staying true to the series but to Cho remaining in the lead role despite his injury setting back production. Via a spokesperson, Netflix told Deadline the service supports Cho and his recovery.

“Our thoughts are with John, and he has our complete support as he recuperates from this injury,” said the spokesperson.


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