International thriller Nine, written and created by The Family Business and The Black Hamptons actress Erica Joy, has premiered at the Theatre on the Square last week at the Joburg Film Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa. The film was set in Accra, Ghana and directed by Chris Attoh, who also stars in the film.

The film follows a homicide detective who travels to Ghana to get to the bottom of a series of killings in Ghana and uncovers a supernatural conspiracy. According to the official description:

The story covers a string of young women killed in a ritualistic manner during a full Ghanaian moon, a forensic consultant calls in the help of a homicide detective from the U.S. as the investigation unfolds, they quickly find that they are caught in the middle of an elite group of nine hooded all female assassins’ quest to stop a dark supernatural force prophesied to gain immortality by the next Blue Moon.

Shot in both Accra and Los Angeles, the film stars Attoh alongside a cast of Ghanaian, Nigerian, South African and American actors including Rosemary Zimu, Kate Hensaw, and Damien D. Smith. The film is also executive produced by Silver Lining Entertainment, LLC and its founder Angela White. White has the distinction of being “the first African American woman to produce and own a production company,” according to her biography.

“It’s an amazing experience to be an African American woman premiering an international film in South Africa that their company also financed,” White said. “You can rarely go back to your roots and make a movie happen, and that’s exactly what we did with “Nine.” We created a Pan-African movie that will transcend over time and all races.”

Silver Lining Entertainment was established in 1997 with its mission of developing “independent television and film projects with a multicultural perspective, from inception to completion, for worldwide distribution.” As the company’s description states:

“SLE’s current focus is on forging strategic relationships with other production companies, writers, directors, talent, and producers to create, develop, produce and distribute compelling stories with core family values to targeted audiences throughout the global marketplace. SLE is now focused on entering the international arena by telling African Diaspora stories with Hollywood Flare.”

Check out more first-look images from the film below: