Social media is currently praising Orlando Brown after realizing a mental health feat Brown achieved didn’t get the proper due it deserves.

According to Chron, Brown, who is best known for roles on Family Matters, That’s So Raven, and Fillmore!, Brown graduated from Texas-based in-patient recovery program Rise Discipleship in November 2020. He previously had run into trouble in 2007 after getting arrested for marijuana possession. He was also arrested in 2016 for meth possession and battery.

Brown spoke to The Christian Post about his path to recovery in September, saying, “I can tell you that I’m OK. I’m alive. I was in an unsafe position and it has been shaky but at the end of the day all I can tell you is I’m OK and I’m graduating.”

Brown also said in a Facebook video for Rise Discipleship that his addiction to drugs partially started because an addiction to the internet.

“I didn’t know what I was doing. I was addicted to the internet. All kinds of stuff,” he said. He also said that his fiancée told him about Rise Discipleship, and that the people over the program “accepted [me] for who I am” once he arrived.

His recovery became a big focus on Twitter in recent days, with fans congratulating Brown on regaining his life. Fans also talked about how his recovery went seemingly underreported for months.

“Not only did Orlando Brown overcome drug addiction, but he gave his life to Jesus. WHY ISN’T ANYONE TALKING ABOUT THIS?” wrote one commenter.

“Even if no one else notices, I’m really proud of Orlando Brown,” wrote another commenter. “He overcame his addiction and really turned his life around.” Another fan wrote, “Don’t know if anybody has been talking about it out here but s/o to Orlando Brown for beating drug addiction and looking like himself again!”

“Salute to Orlando Brown man dude legit turned his life around and has a beautiful family…we see you King,” wrote another.

We congratulate Brown on his recovery.