There is one person Pam Grier would want to direct her biopic, and it’s not Blaxploitation and Pam Grier fanboy Quentin Tarantino.

After the TCA panel for Grier’s ABC comedy, Bless This Mess, Grier said that she would love for Spike Lee to direct the film about her life, Foxy: My Life in Three Acts.

“I want to meet with Spike Lee to direct,” she said according to SlashFilm .”He did very well with BlacKkKlansman so I’m going to be meeting with him.”

“I love his input on the ’70s,” she continued. “It was very real. He showed a lot of things that just I’m there, I understand that. The detail of the director and the fact that he was very fair in gender, so I said, ‘I know Spike. We did Crooklyn‘. He directed me in Crooklyn a long time ago and I told him about a Black klansman. He said, ‘Ain’t nobody gonna believe it.’ I said, ‘But it’s true!'”

The film’s screenplay is written by Bennie Richburg, who has worked on Black TV classics such as Martin, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air and The Jamie Foxx Show. So far, Jay Pharoah has been cast in the film as Richard Pryor to portray the comedian when he and Grier worked together on Greased Lightning. No one has been cast as Grier yet.

Bless This Mess, which also stars Lake Bell and Dax Shepard, will premiere April 16.


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