The intersectionality of religion and being black and gay is one that often gives way to oppression within the community of those that find themselves in this specific demographic.

On next Monday’s episode of Facebook Watch’s Peace of Mind with Taraji titled, “Black, Gay and Religious: Supressing Sexuality For Faith?,” The show peels back the layers of homosexuality within the Black religious community.

Church has provided refuge to those in need spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically. However, it becomes a different beast for those who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community. Those welcoming doors of love become doors of condemnation and hate.

Church is known for being a safe haven for many people but being gay in the Black church can be extremely difficult. Two young men share their mental health struggles with embracing their faith and sexuality.

Clinical Psychologist Shelly Collins unpacks some of the ways that religion and sexuality can clash, the impact that it can have on mental health and how to move forward.

A poised Henson inquires guest Kyree Robinson about his struggle with his homosexuality due to religion. “Did you struggle with those feelings because of religion?” she asked.

He responds, “Absolutely”, before detailing that the mention of the term, “religion” invites the visual trauma of “fire” in his head and explaining that his family is “old school religion.”

The shock of his experience is still visually freshly embedded in his mind. His eyes are wide, blended with the shock of his physical trauma experience and the relief that he is not presently in that moment.

He continues with his experience of his family “catching him with another man.” He chronicles his family disowning him, isolating him placing him into familial exile as well as requesting him change his last name and discontinue communication with his family. He details being “groomed to be perfect one” and how he went from “being a spoiled brat” to literally “figuring out what you gon’ eat the next day, cut completely off.”

He expressed that the family reaction evoked feelings of depression, unwantedness, darkness, essentially abandonment.

Watch the clip below:

The full episode debuts Dec. 13 at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET on Facebook Watch.