Freeform has ordered its first period drama series.

The project is Quantico and Code Black executive producer Michael Seitzman, former CBS head of drama Christina Davis, Lorenzo di Bonaventura and ABC Signature Studios.

It was originally in development in 2012 at NBC, where it had a put pilot commitment. Now, it is being redeveloped for the younger-skewing Freeform.

A writers room is working on scripts and they are currently hiring a casting director to prepare for a formal order of some sort.

The project has assembled a writers room to work on scripts and is in the process of hiring a casting director and line producer in anticipation of a formal green light.

It is described as “an epic, female-centric adventure series following the life of the most beloved ruler in Egyptian history. After being exiled as a young woman, Cleopatra decides to stand up against the patriarchy and fight back for her freedom and rightful place as heir. This tale will follow her rise and transition to becoming not only the first, last and only female pharaoh, but also the world’s most powerful person — all while engaging in a classic love triangle that changed the map of the world forever.”

I’m sure we’ll find out soon if Cleopatra or any major characters (or minor characters for that matter)  will be portrayed by actors of black descent.

“Our show is an adventure story that centers on a young Cleopatra during the period of her life when she was exiled by her own brother and forced to be a scrappy outsider forging shaky alliances and acquiring powerful enemies, including the gods and monsters of Egyptian mythology vying for supremacy over the human race. It’s also a love story about a young woman caught between two men, the fierce General Julius Caesar and his protege, the young, rebellious Centurion Marc Antony,” said Seitzman.

H/T: Deadline